Care Instructions

Function of mechanical watch

Automatic spring winding up mechanism

  1. This type of watch is an automatic-winding mechanical watch.
  2. When the watch is worn around your wrist, its spring can be automatically wound up by your arm's swing.
  3. If you watch stops running, you may swing your watch 10 odd times, and then the second hand can run again. When the spring has started working, you may manually set the date and time of the watch.
  4. In order to enable the watch to indicate time accurately, it is recommended to wear the watch for at least 8 hours a day

Screw locking type setting crown

Depending on the type of your watch, you may have to loosen the screw before pulling out the watch's setting crown (screw locking type setting crown),
The operation procedures are as follows:
  1. Before adjusting the date and time, turn counter-clockwise the watch's setting crown to loosen the locking screw.
  2. After setting date and time, turn clockwise the setting crown and simultaneously push it in until it stops turning. This operation will firmly lock the screw.
How to set time and calendar:
For some models of watches with screw-in type setting crown, when you want to set the calendar, first turn counter clockwise the crown to rotate the screw mechanism backward, then use the crown to set and adjust. When setting and adjusting are completed, turn clockwise the crown to lock the screw.
  1. Loosen the screw mechanism: rotate the crown counter clockwise
  2. Lock the screw mechanism: push in and turn clockwise the crown
  3. For mechanism with a screw-locking type crown, the normal position means the position at which the screw is loosened.

Setting the date

  1. Pull the crown to the first stage (this type of watch's crown can be pulled out to stage one and stage two)
  2. Rotate counter clockwise the crown until the second hand points to today's date
  3. Push the crown into the normal position
Date setting at the end of a month: if a month has not more than 31 days, it is necessary to set the date to the first day of next month. (Attention: some types of watch's time can be set by pulling out the crown by one stage and the date can be set by repeating the operation of pulling out and pushing in the crown; and each pulling-pushing cycle can make the date move by one scale graduation.)

Setting the time

  1. Pull the crown to stage two (without stopping the second hand). Only some types of mechanical watch's second hand will stop running. (The second hand stops running at zero position)
  2. Rotate the crown to set the time: as this type of watch has a calendar, it is necessary to accurately set whether it is a.m. or p.m. When the date is changing, the watch's time will turn to 12 o'clock p.m. When setting the time, slightly set the watch back several minutes, and then set it forward to the right time.
  3. Push the crown into the normal position (Attention: some types of watch need pulling out the crown by only stage to set the time)

Adjusting the Bracelet

Advice for Use

  1. Don't adjust the calendar between 9:00 pm-3:00am, when the parts of the watch revolve with the calendar, so that quick adjustment of the calendar may result in damage to internal gears of the watch and reduce its service life.
  2. The format change of calendar of week is divided into two kinds (quick and slow) because of the different formats. The first kind finishes in +5 minutes while the second in 3 hours.
  3. In terms of watch with spiral knob, please first rotate counter clockwise the locked knob and never pull straightly. After time is set, the knob should be tightened clockwise to prevent water in.
  4. In terms of watch with calendar, please adjust the calendar to the day before your expected one first and then move the hour hand to adjust the calendar so that it can avoid confusing day and night die to direce.

Instructions of the watch

  • Do not try to open the watchcase or dismantle it.
  • The waterproof sealing rubber ring is to prevent letting in water and dust, and you should change it every two to three years.
  • The watch is designed for normal use, but please do not use it in a rude way or drop it.
  • Please do not make the watch too tight for your hand. It is appropriate if it can still leave one of your fingers.
  • If there is moisture on the surface, please ask the authorized distributors or PASCAL DESIGN customer support to check the watch immediately.
  • When cleaning the watch or the watchband, please clean with soft cloth soaked with water or neutral detergent and do not use volatile chemicals (e.g. benzen, thinner, spray lotion, etc.)
  • Prevent the watch from contacting shampoo, cologne, solat oil and other toilt articles. Because they may damage the plastic parts of the watch. If the watch has contacted the above articles or other toilet articles, please clean it with dry and soft cloth immediately.
  • Please put the watch in a dry place when it is not used.
  • Avoid using the watch in places with gasoline detergent, spraying agent, paint, etc, whose chemistry may damage the sealing ring, the watchcase and the surface