Our Commitment

At PASCAL, we don't just act; we lead in redefining sustainability and ethical standards. From the heart of our sourcing to the finish of our products, every step is a testament to our unyielding commitment to the planet.

We craft diamonds that echo nature's brilliance without its toll, championing a future where luxury meets responsibility. Every innovation we embark upon is with an unwavering reverence for all life and our shared environment.

Our mission is to illuminate a path to a fashion system that's not just responsible, but revolutionary.

Keep a keen eye on our updates; our journey is your journey.

No Mining

PASCAL's diamonds are sustainably crafted above ground. Our chosen location for diamond production is strategic, benefiting from optimal pressure and temperature conditions, resource accessibility, and a conducive regulatory framework, all while eliminating significant human and environmental impacts.

Our Pledge

No conflict funding. No land sacrificed. No wildlife displaced. No animals harmed. No groundwater tainted. No communities uprooted.