At PASCAL, we are proud to provide lab-grown diamonds that are ethically sourced and meet the highest quality standards. Our selection is graded using the renowned four Cs — cut, color, carat, and clarity — as with natural diamonds, but without the additional certification cost.

With guaranteed four Cs for every diamond, PASCAL will provide our clients with the utmost unique diamond experiences.


More than just shape, the cut is pivotal in determining a diamond's brilliance and shine. It's the symmetry, proportioning, and polish that testify to exceptional artisanship.

At PASCAL every nuance matters –– our lab-grown gems are proudly recognized with a “very good” cut grade by GIA. Leveraging advanced techniques, we craft diamonds that epitomize luminous perfection.


Carat represents the weight and subsequently, the size of a diamond. While it affects the diamond's visual appeal and value, it's essential to note that carat weight isn't the sole measure of a diamond's allure or quality.

At PASCAL, we wear our commitment to transparency on our sleeve. The carat weight of every diamond is clearly showcased next to the product name on our product pages, ensuring you understand the value you're receiving, carat by carat.


While natural diamonds exhibit a vast color spectrum, the most coveted are colorless. Lab-grown diamonds, curated in controlled environments, offer more uniform and expected shades. Diamonds are typically graded from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown), with lesser color correlating to higher value.

PASCAL's diamonds consistently rank among the top color grades of D, E, and F, delivering unmatched brilliance. Our pioneering technology crafts lab-grown diamonds in vivid, exceptional shades, guaranteeing brilliance in every hue for our discerning clientele.


Clarity signifies a diamond's purity, measured by its freedom from inclusions and blemishes that can mar its beauty and worth. Graded from FL (flawless) to I3 (included), higher clarity values represent greater desirability. Lab-grown diamonds, birthed in controlled settings, often surpass natural ones in clarity, devoid of nature-induced imperfections.

At PASCAL, our diamonds are the epitome of lab-grown excellence, consistently certified as VS or VVS.