Jewelry Trends 2023 SS

Jewelry has a unique ability to tell stories and express individual tastes. A classic piece may have deep personal value or it might simply be something you wear every day, but who says trends can't join the party? Mixing statement pieces with layers and stacks gives your look that added touch of personality while still keeping up-to-date with current style choices - now all you have to do is decide which ones go best together!

According to VOGUE’s latest jewelry trends report, the most popular pieces of jewelry for men in their twenties are becoming more and more sustainable. Diamonds cultivated in a laboratory have become a must-have accessory for stylish guys everywhere. Not only does this make them an eco-friendly choice, but it also makes them more accessible and affordable.

Necklaces are the perfect way to show off your personality without drawing too much attention. A thick solid gold choker is one of the trendiest options right now, while delicate diamond pendants show off subtle sophistication. One of the best things about diamonds cultivated in a lab is that they rarely fade or chip compared to real stones, making this a long-lasting choice that can be treasured for years to come.

Rings are extremely versatile and can be used to express anything from luxury to masculinity. Statement rings with large gemstones are popular for adding some serious sparkle and shine. Look for designs featuring lab-grown diamonds as these will be even brighter than real ones due to their increased clarity and accuracy of cut. Whether you opt for classic bands or bolder styles, rings are sure to make any look stand out from the crowd.

Bracelets provide another great opportunity to show off your style with unique touches like geometric shapes, color blocking, and interesting textures playing a part in the design process. The best way to add something special is with an eye-catching charm bracelet featuring symbols such as skulls, hearts or crosses crafted from lab-grown diamonds - perfect for Gen Zers who want something edgy yet timelessly stylish!

Jewelry is always evolving and what’s in fashion today may not be tomorrow’s trend - but one thing remains certain; if you want something fashionable yet timelessly stylish that won’t break the bank then lab grown diamonds are definitely worth considering! With their combination of affordability, sustainability and bling they're sure to keep any man looking sharp well into 2023 and beyond!