About Pascal
PASCAL draws the cutting-edge trendsetters from afar, a bold collective of visionaries. We look to our courageous music producers and DJs, empowered extreme athletes and graffiti artists, ingenious graphic designers and poets for their creativity - they are PASCAL's inspirations as we continue to blaze paths that inspire generations.

At PASCAL, we recognize the boundless potential held in every person regardless of their background. From culture and religion to age and gender – everyone is a seismograph for creative ideas! We embrace human creativity as an opportunity for growth towards greatness - united through our differences rather than divided by them. Let us inspire each other with hope that comes from living boldly and unapologetically true to ourselves!

Challenging the status quo - that's the mission of PASCAL. With a vision to push creativity forward and inspire those who dare with their own ideas, we want our creations reach far corners around the world. We at PASCAL are building for generations by creators, made in collaboration; letting nothing stand between one’s creative potential & realization!

We, PASCAL, Of The Creators, By The Creators, For The Creators
Our brand PASCAL is inspired by a renowned 17th century French philosopher who recognized the power of pressure! Just like diamonds, strength and beauty can be found in overcoming intense obstacles. We strive to uphold this message through our fashion pieces.
“Imagination decides everything” --- Blaise Pascal